Rather then falling in love with glass slowly, Marina Barovier has had a strong impact attraction to it.
Born in Genoa but adopted by the city of Venice, the sixteen years old Marina was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Cappellin chandeliers in the house of her husband to be, Marino Barovier, a descendent of the old dynasty of Muranese glass artists. The interest was arose and Marina has started collecting and researching glass.
In 1980, she opens her first gallery where she exposes 20th century glass artwork made by the major artists of that period who have collaborated with the most famous Muranese workshops.
Thanks to her passion and charisma, Marina has managed to reevaluate this art form, often underestimated, while contributing to an important growth of the interest in collecting Venetian glass that lately has become more popular then ever.

Among the artists and the artwork of the 20th century stand out the following; Vittorio Zecchin with his delicate transparent vases, created in 1925 for "Cappellin - Venini"; Ercole Barovier with his "Primavera" and "Murrine" from 1930; Napoleone Martinuzzi, Gabriele D'Annunzio's favorite sculptor who created the "Pulegosi" with their wide handles and the extraordinary coral red objects made in vitreous paste; The architect Tomaso Buzzi who created for Venini the "alga and "laguna" vases in their light pink and azure nuances.
Carlo Scarpa, the ingenious architect who has revolutionized Muranese concepts in 1932, advancing modern shapes and proposing new techniques for working with glass.

In the fifties operates in the Muranese glass ring Fulvio Bianconi, Dino Martens and Archimede Seguso. Towards the beginning of the sixties, comes up Thomas Stearns with his creations of the metallic reflections and Luciano Gaspari with his OP works.

All the above artwork, and the one to come, which has passed through the gallery during the years- tells the story of Murano Glass where research and elegance were at the base of creation and tradition was mixed in the right measures with modern taste.

In 1995 the gallery moves to a much larger space which creates the occasion to start deals international contemporary glass. Being the first to attempt this field, the gallery is able to expose the best artists of contemporary glass: Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra, Cristiano Bianchin, Dante Marioni, Bertil Vallien, Daniela Schonbachler. Those artists still expose their works periodically in the gallery and demonstrate their artistic evolution.

Beside the gallery's activity, there is a continues and thorough study of the material that thrives to reconstruct in a complete manner the historical evolution and the technical growth and renovation of the glass art. Thanks to the material gathered during the years, Marina and Marino Barovier have given life to numerous publications that have become a fundamental part of the formal glass literature. Moreover, Barovier has conceived and curate various expositions in the gallery as in public institutions.