Artisti Barovier
In 1884 Giovanni Barovier and his nephews Giuseppe, Benvenuto and Benedetto, glassmasters who had previously worked in the Salviati dott.Antonio glasshouse, acquired ownership of the Salviati furnace, founded in 1877, after Salviati's departure. On the basis of the agreement signed with Salviati the glasshouse maintained its original name, which was changed to Artisti Barovier only after Salviati's death in 1890. Under the guidance of Benvenuto and Giuseppe, the company soon achieved fame for its refined production, which reproduced the classical themes of XIXth century glass, and later developped works inspired by floral themes, particularly in objects a murrine. The Artisti Barovier took several of these pieces to different exhibitions, among which the exhibitions at Ca' Pesaro (1908,1909,1913), where pieces designed by Zecchin and Wolf-Ferrari were also being shown.
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