Fulvio Bianconi
1915 -
Graphic artist, caricaturist, and designer. Born in Padua, he attended the Istituto d'Arte and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He first encountered glass at the age of fifteen, when he worked at decoration with enamels under the guidance of Michele Pinto. During the late Thirties, he worked as a caricaturist, graphic artist and illustrator for various publishing houses such as Mondadori, Rizzoli, Garzanti, etc. After World War II he came to Murano to study glass techniques and met Paolo Venini. A productive relationship ensued as he began his collaboration with Venini in 1947 and through the entire decade of the Fifties. One of his most characteristic realizations is the long series of stylized figurines which Bianconi designed at the end of the Forties, taking his inspiration from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte. His pezzati vessels proved extraordinary with their rich chromatic quality, as were the fazzoletti which he created together with Venini himself, and presented in several different vitreous textures. He obtained widespread acclaim for the “a Macchie” and Fasce orrizontali series in which Bianconi revealed a marked painterly vocation. In the Fifties, he worked with other glasshouses such as the Vetreria Cenedese, designing vessels with applications and other pieces with cased decorations. He later designed glass pieces for I.V.R. Mazzega (1958-1961) and in 1963 for the Vetreria Vistosi. In 1967 he again began working with Venini , creating vessels with unusual shapes such as the Informale (1968). After another contact with Venini in 1989, in 1991-92 he designed for De Majo.
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