Gino Cenedese & C.
In 1946, after having gained some furnace experience, Gino Cenedese founded Gino Cenedese & C. joining forces with some Muranese masters, among whom Alfredo Barbini, whose works were presented at the 1948 Biennale. When Barbini left the glassworks in the Fifties, it turned to designers such as Riccardo Licata, Napoleone Matinuzzi, Fulvio Bianconi, and the painter Luigi Scarpa Croce. Since 1959 Antonio Da Ros has been artistic director and responsible for refined pictorial sommersi pieces. Between 1965 and 1972, the master Ermanno Nason also worked at Cenedese. In 1973, the year in which Gino Cenedese died, his son Amelio became the owner of the firm, which still produces glass in Murano.
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