S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso (Società Anonima Industrie Artistiche Riunite)
The Ferro Toso & C. glassworks was founded in Murano in 1901 by the master Ferdinando Ferro, of Luigi Toso -soon the only owner of the firm - and the Master Giovanni Nason “Sisto”. Towards the end of the First World War the firm moved temporarily to Naples taking the name of Vitrum S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso, which upon its return to Venice became S.A.I.AR. Ferro Toso. After the initial production of lighting and decorative glass the glassworks worked with several designers making objects of refined manufacture such as the clear murrine vases by the Swede Anna Akerdhal, Modernist-style monochromes by Vittorio Doną and Anita Antoniazzi, traditional Blown glass engraved in the S.A.L.I.R. workshops; Guido Balsamo Stella designed vases and animals that were exhibited at the Monza Triennale in 1930. Upon the death of their father Luigi, in 1933 the sons Artemio and Decio, with the subsequent participation of the younger Mario, took over the running of the firm which three years later merged with the Vetreria artistica Barovier, creating Ferro Toso Barovier & C. in 1942 become Barovier & Toso, a firm still active today.
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